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Homestuck Wallpaper

Carefully selected 40 best Homestuck Wallpapers, you can download in one click. All of these high quality desktop backgrounds are available in HD format. Perfect for your desktop home screen or for your mobile. Homestuck Wallpapers collection is updated regularly so if you want to include more please send us to publish.

homestuck wallpaper
1920 x 1080

homestuck backgrounds
1280 x 720

homestuck desktop wallpaper
1660 x 1050

homestuck wallpapers
1550 x 1000

homestuck desktop backgrounds
1920 x 1080

homestuck wallpaper phone
1191 x 670

homestuck wallpaper 1920x1080
1095 x 730

homestuck phone wallpaper
2304 x 1296

homestuck phone backgrounds
1920 x 1269

homestuck gamzee wallpaper
1280 x 854

homestuck desktop icons
1920 x 1080

homestuck pictures
1920 x 1080

gamzee wallpaper
2560 x 1600

vriska serket wallpaper
1920 x 1080

homestuck trolls fanart
1920 x 1080

gamzee makara wallpaper
1920 x 1080

terezi wallpaper
2560 x 1440

romantically apocalyptic tv tropes
1920 x 1080

tv tropes homestuck
1300 x 874

derse wallpaper
2048 x 1152

homestuck landscape
1920 x 1080

4k homestuck landscape
1920 x 1080

homestuck 4k wallpapers
1920 x 1080

2048 homestuck
1920 x 1294

homestuck desktop
1920 x 1080

homestuck iphone wallpaper
1920 x 1200

homestuck iphone backgrounds
1500 x 1007

homestuck iphone background
1920 x 1080

dave strider wallpaper
1920 x 1080

sburb wallpaper
1920 x 1200

homestuck dave strider wallpaper
1191 x 670

homestuck iphone backgrounds
1244 x 700

homestuck trolls hd backgrounds
1920 x 1080

sburb wallpaper hd backgrounds
1228 x 800

homestuck wallpapers
1280 x 800

homestuck desktop kit
1366 x 768

homestuck wallpaper phone
1280 x 857

homestuck tile background
1680 x 1050

About Homestuck Wallpapers

Welcome to the world of Homestuck, a webcomic universe filled with intricate storylines, unique characters, and a dedicated fanbase as vast as the Paradox Space. For the uninitiated, Homestuck is a multimedia phenomenon created by Andrew Hussie, that’s captivated millions since its debut in 2009. Fans, or ‘Homestucks’, express their love for the series in various ways – fan art, cosplays, music, animations, and one of the most popular forms, wallpapers.

Exploring Homestuck Wallpapers

Homestuck-themed wallpapers are an incredible fusion of fan passion and digital artistry. They provide an avenue for fans to express their love for the comic, keep their favorite characters close, and bring a piece of the Homestuck universe right to their desktop or mobile screens. Wallpapers, in essence, are more than just background images. They’re a reflection of our interests, our tastes, and in this case, our fandom.

Themes and Elements in Homestuck Wallpapers

Homestuck wallpapers often feature iconic characters, symbols, and scenes from the series. These elements, crafted with artistry and love, become the perfect homage to the comic. You’ll find wallpapers showcasing protagonist John Egbert wielding his Warhammer of Zillyhoo, or the enigmatic Vriska Serket with her Fluorite Octet. Others might prefer the symbolic aspects of the series- the Sburb logo, the God Tier symbols, or the distinct color palettes associated with different blood castes. The diversity in Homestuck wallpapers reflects the variety and depth within the Homestuck universe itself.

Showcasing Homestuck Wallpaper Designs

Let’s journey through the myriad of breathtaking Homestuck wallpaper designs that fans have created. These pieces encapsulate the heart of Homestuck, each with a unique interpretation of the comic’s elements.

[Image: A wallpaper featuring the Beta Kids – John, Rose, Dave, and Jade – in their God Tier forms]

Here, the Beta Kids shine in their God Tier forms, surrounded by symbols that represent their powers and personalities. This wallpaper beautifully captures the evolution of these characters.

[Image: A wallpaper highlighting the trolls with their respective symbols and blood colors]

This design showcases the trolls in all their glory, each standing tall with their distinctive symbols illuminating the background. The use of color here, from the varied hues of the trolls’ blood to the stark contrast between the characters and the backdrop, makes this wallpaper eye-catching.

[Image: A minimalist wallpaper featuring the Sburb logo]

Sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes. This minimalist design with the Sburb logo strikes a chord with fans who appreciate the subtler nuances of Homestuck. The design’s sleek lines and muted hues make it perfect for those seeking a less conspicuous way to celebrate their fandom.

Engaging the Homestuck Community

Homestuck wallpapers do more than add a splash of fandom to your screens; they help foster interaction and connection within the fan community. Sharing your favorite wallpapers or showcasing your designs can spark discussions, inspire others, and deepen your bond with fellow Homestucks. Social media platforms, Homestuck forums, and even this blog’s comment section are excellent spaces to engage, share, and revel in the artistry of Homestuck wallpapers.


Homestuck wallpapers are a testament to the power of fandom and self-expression. They are digital canvases where artists translate their love for Homestuck into stunning visuals, and where fans display their passion on screens worldwide. In every color, every symbol, every character showcased, Homestuck wallpapers continue to tell the story of a community united by their love for a webcomic that’s revolutionized the digital landscape.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Homestuck or new to the universe, go ahead and adorn your screens with these wallpapers. Let them serve as a testament to your journey through the mesmerizing world of Homestuck. Show the world that you’re a proud Homestuck with these captivating wallpapers. Happy downloading!

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