How to Resize and Crop an Image in Windows


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For windows users, a question which mostly we see on the internet is how they can resize or crop an image using any simple application. There are requirements when someone needs to post a specific size image to their Facebook profile or use it as desktop wallpapers or even for some other purposes.

Today, most of the social networking websites including Twitter, Instagram or Facebook does the resizing automatically and compress the image in order to make those look more fit for the users. They also offers you to crop or resize the image while uploading before they actually submitted for posting.

If you want to resize an image using a simple Windows software called MS Paint, we have some easy steps to follow here:

Find and Edit the Image

First step is to find the image you want to resize. For this you need to click on the My Computer icon and then to go to the folder where the image is.

Next, right-click the image, and choose Edit option in the popup list. This will open the image in Paint application.

Resize in Paint

Next, click the Resize button on top ribbon which will show you a popup showing you some numbers which are actually current height and width of the image.

There are also two radio buttons “Percentage” and “Pixels“. You should go to “Pixels“.

Enter the required Horizontal and Vertical values and if you want to restrict the dimensions then you should Uncheck the Maintain aspect ratio checkbox. But if you want to keep the image in good shape then you should let software handle the aspect ratio because some images are different in height and width and using this option will solve the problem.

Crop an Image

Resize option is to reduce the dimensions of the image however Crop is used to remove a part of the image.

To Crop, click on the Select box on and click and drag above the image and then you can cut the area inside that selected box.

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