How to Improve the Resolution of an Image in Photoshop


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Photos are the best way to express your feelings or emotions. A photo is more than a thousand words and a brilliant way to communicate with others. Photos can be an artistic painting, digitally image, or print out of it. Sometimes, you need to edit the original photo because of its low resolution or small size and low lights effect. When you zoomed in, the photo loses its quality, and its print is not as good as other high quality images. If you want to make your image a “high-resolution image”, then in this post we will discuss that most people don’t know, how to improve the quality of an image by increasing the resolution of your image through different methods. Here we have put some methods which help to make a high-resolution image.

Table of content:

1: what is high resolution image?

2: why high resolution photos are important?

3: how to improve image resolution in photoshop?

What is a High Resolution Image?

When you captured a digital image, it is formed by tiny pixels, these pixels can’t notice, but when you zoomed in, they recognized. The resolution of an image is defined by the number of pixels per inch(DPI). An image with at least 300 pixels per inch referred to as a high-resolution image. The picture with 300 ppi produced a good quality print out of it. A 300 ppi image gives you what you want from a high quality image. A high quality image having high resolution and does not lose its quality even to zoom in or print out in a large size.

In this post, we teach you how to increase image resolution to make it high quality photo.

Why High Resolution Photos are Important?

In an online store, you need to add something that grabs the attention of everyone towards your business or website because images make everything simple and better. Representation of something through the images makes it more understandable than a paragraph of words. To make your business successful, you need to add high quality images to represent your business visually. Here we put some reasons that define why high-resolution photos are important.

1. Represent your business

Visual representation of your business is the best way to show everyone a clear picture of what we actually have that you find in this niche. The quality of the product’s image is more important than the product of other specifications. High-resolution visual content is more important than other content. Images are the best way to tell the story of your business and grab the attention of your business. A low-quality image on your website will lower the reputation of your business. Makes sure to use high quality images to make your business successful and more interesting. If you place a low-quality image with a bigger size, it will lose the quality of this image. Images are the best way to connect with users more professionally.

2. Build customer/user trust:

Nowadays, everyone understanding the business tricks, in this way, after the representation of your business, the next step is to build the customer or user’s trust. In this case, high quality images of your product play a fantastic role in gaining the customer’s trust. Images with higher resolution help to build the customer’s trust. High quality images on your sites or business product give you significant benefits to build your brand. Sometimes it is not very easy to build your brand credibility but to represent your business with images; it makes simple. 

3. Helps to increase your visibility on web

Promote your business through the visual representation of your business is another benefit that an owner of the business have. With the help of images, you can promote your business on social media accounts and other websites, which helps to make you visible all the time. Nowadays, people are always online most of the time. A word of a paragraph can’t find attractive anyone, whereas images grab the attention of every viewer. People don’t have time to read every word of your paragraph, you have just a few seconds to grab the attention and attract most of the user, and this is a fantastic way to do it.

4. Helps to convert you lead

High quality image representation of your business grab the attention of more visitors, which gives you significant benefits. It is the best way to increase the user’s engagement with your site. It helps to hang out the user on your site as long as possible. In this way, the traffic of your site increase and get a higher ranking in this niche.

How to Increase image Resolution in Photoshop

Want to convert your precious low-resolution image in high? On the internet, you can see thousands of tools to improve the resolution of the image, but photoshop is best from all these. The user-friendly interface helps to increase the resolution of the image to make it a high quality image in just a few easy steps. Below we share some simple steps which help to increase the resolution of your image in photoshop.

Step 1: Add the image in photoshop

To increase the resolution of an image, first of all add an image to photoshop that you want to convert in high resolution.

  1. Go  to the menu of photoshop 
  2. Click image -> image size

Step 2: Increase image size 

If you want to increase the size of the image, select “image size ” from the drop down menu by clicking the “menu”. Select the size of your image to type  the amount of pixel you want in height or width box.

If you select the “Fit to” to pick the preset size of the image, but it is better to select the height and width of the image by yourself.

Step 3: Re-sampling image

Resample image is a way to add the new pixel on image. If you want to then check the “resample” and select any mode of resampling that you like. Best resampling modes are “Preserve Details ” and “Bicubic Smoother”, these two gives you fantastic results in resampling mode. 

Step 4: Increase the image resolution

Resolution of an image is defined by the number of pixels per inch. An image with 300 ppi determines a high resolution image.  Enter the height and width of the image that gives you 300 dpi. Click “ok ” and you will get the image with high resolution..

 Step 5: Sharpen 

Sharpen your image is not necessary, but it is a good thing to sharpen your image after increasing the resolution of your image.

  • Go to “Filter” from the menu of photoshop 
  • Select “sharpen”
  • Click “Unsharp Mask”
  • Drag the “amount” and “radius” at the best setting

Different helpful ways to improve the Resolution of an image

As you can see there are dozens software’s which are best to convert low resolution image to high quality image. Image content on social media or websites is very important because it grabs more attention than a paragraph. It is the best way to make your website attractive and interesting. It is not possible to capture every image with professional high quality camera with right angle. 

Some best software to increase the resolution of your images are:

  1. Gimp software 
  2. IrfanView
  3. Reshade image enlarger
  4. SmillaEnlarger 

Best online tools for increasing the resolution of an image

  1. PhotoEnlarger: Free tool with all basic features to enlarge your photo
  2. ResizeMyPicture: Enlarge one or more photo at one time
  3. ImageEnlarger:  Increase image resolution by URL.

All these software and online tools are easy to use and gives you desired results in just a few easy steps.

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