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About Marvel

Marvel Entertainment, LLC is an American entertainment company formed by the merger of two iconic companies Marvel Entertainment Group and Toy Biz. Founded in June 1998 and based in New York City, this merging of two giants created a juggernaut that went on to become one of the most successful entertainment companies in history.

The Origins of Marvel Entertainment Group and Toy Biz

Marvel Entertainment Group was founded in October 1994, with the mission to create an integrated media-based company focused on superheroes and other characters from comic books and movie franchises. Toy Biz was founded a few years earlier in 1984, with the mission to produce toys and other merchandise related to comic books, TV shows, music videos, films, video games, and more. Neither company achieved a great deal of success until they merged in 1998.

The Merging: How It Happened

The merging of these two companies came about as a result of their mutual interests, both wanted to take advantage of each other’s expertise but also build upon their successes. Toy Biz was able to use its existing relationships with toy manufacturers while leveraging Marvel’s library of characters for new product development opportunities. Meanwhile, Marvel was able to capitalize on Toy Biz’s vast distribution network across retail outlets for its own products. By combining forces, each side could benefit from the strength of the other.

The Results

With access to some of the most iconic characters from popular culture such as Spider-Man, X-Men, and Iron Man not to mention Disney’s acquisition of Marvel in 2009, it is no surprise that Marvel Entertainment has gone on to become one of the most successful entertainment companies in history. The merging between these two giants allowed them both to reach heights that neither would have been able to achieve alone proving that sometimes success comes when you team up with the right partner.

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