Window 10 Tips, Tricks and Hacks


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Microsoft Windows is one of the most powerful operating systems. It is the most popular operating system all over the world. From home computers to big organizations, it gives you everything that you want from a computer. Microsoft windows always serve their users with excellent performance. Windows has a large number of users; that’s why it offers a vast collection of software programs, utilities, and games.

Advantages of Windows

 Windows gives several significant benefits; some of these are as follows:

  1. User-friendly interface: the user-friendly interface of windows enables the user to work quickly and efficiently. The collection of software and utility program gives you several options to make your work simple and more comfortable.
  2. A vast collection of software: Because of the large number of users, the window gives a large amount of software that helps you to select any application, drivers, and hardware that suits you.
  3. High-speed operating system: Windows operating system is the fastest operating system than other with fast booting and great user response
  4. Great help section: there is online documentation and help section if you find any difficulty.
  5. Games: Windows is the only operating system that supports most of the games. If you are a gamer, then windows fully support you.

Versions of Window Operating System

  1. Window 95
  2. Window 98
  3. Window 2000
  4. Window XP
  5. Window Vista
  6. Window 7
  7. Window 8
  8. Window 10

Make your work easier window always implemented several advancements throughout its version. Nowadays, window 10 is the most powerful operating system and fulfills all your needs and gives you all that you expect from it. Windows publish a guide book for every version. If you upgrade to window 10, you should know the hacks, trips, and tricks of it to make your work easier. Here we share some of the most useful skills, tips, and hacks to save your time and teach you more about window 10 that you may not have known.

Taking screenshot: 

What’s on your screen, to share with other you definitely need to capture your current screen by taking a screenshot. Windows  10 offers various ways to take a screenshot. To make your work easier and save your time and effort we share the easier one.

  • Press “prtScn”:  it is the simplest and easier way to take a screenshot on window 10.
  • Press “Alt+prtScn”:  It save you active window to the “screenshot” folder.

Secret Start Menu:

If you want to access all apps and programs installed in your laptop at one place, for that purpose window 10 offers a secret start menu. It helps to access all your desired apps easily. It is the easier and quicker way to access all your apps.

To get the “start menu”  Right Click  the window icon in the bottom left corner. A menu will appear that contain all the apps and program, you can choose your desired program.

Screen Rotation:

If you want to rotate the screen of your PC in window 10.

 Follow these steps to rotate your screen at desired angle in window 10:

  • Go to “Setting”
  • Select display 
  • Go to “Orientation”
  • Select display modes from orientation menu that you like, from “Landscape”, “portrait”, “landscape(flipped)”, “portrait (flipped)”. 

Other simple ways to rotate your screen:

If shortcuts are enabled then press these keys simultaneously to rotate

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Up arrow to standard orientation 
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Left arrow for 90 degree rotation 
  3. Press Ctrl+Alt+Right arrow for 270 degree rotation 
  4. Press Ctrl+Alt+Down arrow for 180 degree rotation

If you want to minimize the list of apps and access all your apps then window 10 gives you what you want.

Follow these simple steps to navigate apps by alphabet in window 10:

Navigate apps by alphabet:

  1. Go to “start menu”
  2. You can see the list of apps on left panel 
  3. Click near the alphabet on empty space, an alphabet pad shows 
  4. Click the first alphabet of your app, your desired app will be open.

Turn off focus assist notification:

If you want to turn off focus assist notification then follow these steps for this setting :

  1. Go to “setting”.
  2. Click on “System”
  3. Go to “Focus assist”.
  4. Three options will appear under the focus assist.
  • Off : if you won’t see the notification then enable it otherwise disable.

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