Window 8 Vs Window 10

windows 10

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Microsoft’s window always comes with several advancements and new changes throughout its version. The new version released by the window is definitely better than its predecessor. Windows 10 is definitely better than window 8, but some users stuck on window 8. Here you find a clear comparison of window 8 and window 10.

  1. Interface

The interface of the window 8 is good but not impressive, absence of old but favorite start button is disappointing. Switches between different interfaces create confusion. Switches between metro and aero interface become tedious, you can say that the interface of the window 8 is not user-friendly. 

Window 10 right up all these messes and come with a traditional start menu button. The interface of window 10 is just fabulous. With all-new features and right put all failing things of window 8 it is obviously better than window 8.

  1. Security

From a security point of view, window 8 comes with all the features which secure your system from any harm and difficulties. But windows always bring new version with several advancements; window 10 comes with strong features and programs that secure your system at an advanced level — secure and tight user authentication to unlock your system from an unauthorized person. There is no chance to unlock your device by some other unauthorized persons expect you with this great facial recognition feature of window 10. Windows 8 offers PIN and password to unlock your device. Facial recognition not in window 8.

  1. Start menu 

Most users feel more comfortable with the start menu button to see a list of all the installed apps in just one click. With the release of Windows 8, there is no start menu button, and the Start screen creates confusion sometimes. Window 10 comes with both the start menu and start screen, which is the best thing. You can see a list of all the installed apps on the left side and start the screen on the right side. Enjoy both the start screen and start menu in window 10.

  1. Window store 

Window store is a place where you can find dozens of useful apps that you can be installed to make your work easier and simpler on windows. Design of the window store of window 8 is not impressive; apps of window 8 cover the whole screen and consume mostly space of the system, which is another failure of window 8. Windows store introduces most of the application which can only be used by the window 8 user but later on windows makes it useful for all the users of the Windows operating system.

  1. Perfect for all platform

Windows operating systems try to make Windows 8 operating system perfect for all the platforms. Creating a separate operating system for touch screen users windows tries to make window 8 operating systems for all types of devices. Windows 10 is perfect for laptops, tablets, and phones that are completely true. Not compatible with all types of devices is one of the biggest failings of window 8. 

  1. Boot time

There is no clear different boot time of two operating systems, especially in windows. When you come on boot time of window 8 and window 10, you can see no difference except the facial recognition. Facial recognition to unlock your device takes a few seconds faster than other versions of windows. 

  1. Classic vs universal apps 

Universal apps are the windows application, and classical apps are the desktop application. You can see the window store of window 8 covers the whole screen and create difficulties in multitasking, and this thing puts right in window 10. In window 10 you can do multitasking with windowed mode. Windows 10 “window apps” are able to run all the other devices.

  1. Cortana 

If you are window 10 users, you definitely familiar with Cortana technology. Cortana is a new feature introduced by windows in the versions of window 10. Cortana is very helpful in getting weather forecasting, send emails, search files, and other daily tasks. Cortana is a digital voice-activated assistant helps you to do your daily tasks. Enable the cortana and enjoy this new feature of window 10. Not in window 10.

New features of window 10 

There are some new features which gives you reason to upgrade to window 10. From many of the new features of window 10, some of these are as follows:

1.Facial recognition

Windows always give you the option to secure your data or information from any unauthorized person with a PIN or password. To protect your device from access to any unauthorized persons, window 10 comes with a new feature, “Facial recognition ” to protect your system. With these advanced features, no one able to unlock your system. 

2.Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is introduced with the release of window 10 by Microsoft. Microsoft edge is like a replacement of internet explorer as your default browser and gives your better web suffering and gives you more security than others. You can use other web browsers, but it is faster than others. With lots of new features and fast browsing, Microsoft’s Edge is the favorite one.


Cortana is one of the new and best features with the release of a new version of window 10. Cortana is a digital voice-activated assistant helps you to do all the basic tasks like sending emails, search files, get weather forecasting. Enable the Cortana to enjoy the new feature of window 10.


Multitasking is one of the most useful and best features of window 10. You can do multitasking with task view features of the window, which helps to manage all of your active tasks. Switches between different applications are very easy by splitting your screen into different parts. The interface of the window 10 is amazingly user-friendly with lots of new features and fabulous interface.

5.New start menu

The new start menu of window 10 comes with a two-panel. On the left side of the start menu, you can see a list of all your installed apps and program and recently used apps; you can search you desired apps with just one click. A collection of live tiles of your applications have appeared on the right of the panel. You can resize and reorganized these tiles as you need.

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