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Everyone wants to work more efficiently with less effort. When you are working in excel, you can see there are dozens of dozens for ways that make your work easier and save you time. If you want to keep your data organized in charts or spreadsheet and save it, then excel is the only program which helps you to do that easily. It is the best program to create spreadsheets, view, and edit your files easily. Representation of the data by generating charts for the business users and using formulas and other calculations on it is very easy in Excel. For business users, it is an excellent tool for budgeting, creating tables to make better visualization of data and other daily tasks that you perform regularly.

10 Useful Tips & Tricks

If you are working in excel and wants to learn some easy and simple tips of excel, then see our list of basics calculation in excel in the most comfortable way. In this post, we share the top easy tips of calculations and formula to make you work easier.

  1. Manually create formula in excel

By manually creating formula in excel = sign is placed before the function name such as Sum and Sub.

For example: if you want to enter a formula in cell D4 that sum the value of A1 and B1. Enter a formula in cell D4 : =A1+B1

  1. Select function from excel 

Click the insert function button to select your desired function in excel. You can see a list of different functions in which COUNT, SUM, AVERAGE, MAX and other basic formulas are appear. 

=SUM(A1,A7): Adds the values of Column A from the 1st row to 7th.

=COUNT(A6,A45):Count all the values in this range

  1. Select function from groups in formula tab 

Go to formula tab, select your preferred group from this list of group formulas in which financial, logical and data/time appeared.

  1. =DAY:

If you count the number of days between a range of date then =DAYS is very helpful.

=DAYS(A12, A32)


To find the average of a set of values we calculate the median of these values, for example if you find the median of 10 numbers add these 10 numbers and divide it by 10. In excel you just type =AVERAGE(A1,A6) then the average will be calculated.


As the name of the function defined =COUNTBLANK is used to count the number of blank cells in a range. COUNTBLANK function does not count the cell with a space. 

  1. MAX and MIN function 

One of the most important and commonly used functions is to find the maximum and minimum values in a column or range.

=MAX(A1,A7): It finds the maximum value of column A from the cell of 1st to 7th.

=MIN(A1,A7): It finds the minimum value of column A from the cell of 1st to 7th.

  1. To find recently used function

To find the recently used function, Click the recently used button it shows the function that you’ve recently used. IThis button is found on the Formula tab.

  1. SUM

Sum is used to aggregate the values of a column , rows and range.

=SUM(Value1, Value2 ….)

=SUM(A1,A8) used to aggregate the values of column A.

=SUM(A1,F1) aggregate the value of row from A1 to F1.

=SUM (A1:A8, A10, A13:A15) Sum the value from A1 to A8 skips the value of A9, add A10 and skip A12 value then adds the values of cell A13 to A15.

  1. IF

If you want to organize your data logically “IF” function is helpful in this.

=IF(A1>C3,’TRUE’, ‘FALSE’)

Value of A1 is greater than C3 then set the value ‘true’ otherwise ‘false’.

Advantages of Excel  

Microsoft excel has many advantages. Some top advantages of excel are as follows:

  1. Effective tool for graphic representation

Microsoft excel is favourite software for graphics, it offers lots of powerful graphical tools which is very helpful to enhance the graphic representation of your data. With so many graphical tools, it allows making the visualization of your data or information more attractive. In finance and budgeting charts or graphically represents you data make things more clear and understandable. Excel offers you to generating table to classify and using charts to the graphical representation of your data make things more better.

  1. Easy to manipulate data

In excel, there are so many options like table and charts to make your data or information readable and understandable. It is the best tool to add, delete and modify your data quickly and efficiently.

  1. Lots of functions and formulas 

To save your time and effort, excel offers a lot of functions which make your work more simpler and easier. For faster calculation excel offers formula intense spreadsheet which helps you to solve all the complex calculations. One of the biggest advantages of excel is, it offers lots of functions for the calculations in which sum, subtraction, multiplication, division, average and other basic functions are included to make your work easier. In finance and budgeting, these formulas and functions are really helpful to get accurate results.

  1. Organize complex data 

Data in a tabular form is one of the best forms of organized data. In Excel, you can create a table with your desired number of rows and columns. You can perform all the functions and formulas on it. It is the best way to make your complex data organized.

  1. Increase efficiency 

When you are working in excel, it enables you to make your complex data easier and simpler, and this thing helps you to complete your daily tasks easily and quickly.

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